#iosonolarena means #iamthearena, suggesting that we share a common heritage and a responsibility towards safeguarding it for future generations. Tommasi will be one of the “67 columns” or rather one of the patrons of this important Fundraising and Corporte Membership project.

The Arena and the Opera are something that the whole world envies, and an Opera in the Arena is a unique and unforgettable experience. It is our duty to support this heritage, to maintain Verona a city that is open and multicultural, welcoming, vibrant and interesting.


The dialogue between culture and businesses, art, excellent products and services is a driving force of the economy and ensures that the entire city can prosper. The cooperation is to the advantage of numerous commercial sectors, not only those tied to tourism and restaurants.

We enthusiastically support the Arena Foundation and its festival as patrons, and are extremely proud to represent the most well known and loved symbol of Verona. Our approach to business has always been pragmatic, and given the socio-economic implications for our city over the last year, and for the businesses and artists who animate our piazzas and theatres, we were driven not only by pride, but the determination to make a difference.

Today, Tommasi is an important company with six estates in five different Italian regions. It all began more 120 years ago with a visionary farmer and his dream to bring his wines to every corner of the globe. Today we are one of the leading wine companies in Italy, and our wines are present in more than 70 countries. Our roots remain firmly planted in the Valpolicella Classica, a small corner of paradise in the province of Verona.

Traveling around the world, it has become essential to speak about our cultural heritage: to name the Arena and the Opera, to spread the word about all that Verona has to offer. It is one of the keys to who we are. It is part of our origin, and the passion that drives us.

Discover the 67 Colonne project here and the Summer 2021 Opera Festival Program here.