Alexander Peartree, of Wine Enthusiast magazine, has written a great article on Vulture wine region.

“In the northernmost province of Basilicata, which stretches up from the arch of Italy’s boot, lies a mountainous, wild area. It recalls the brisk Alps of the north more than warm, southern climes.
There, anchored around the extinct Monte Vulture volcano is a patchwork of ancient towns scattered among the undulating foothills that harbor some of the country’s most exciting, site-expressive wines.”

Vulture wine region is a great place to visit and discover with ist antique ruins and traditions that dates back to Roman times, the famous poet Orazio was born here.

Commercial winemaking in the area, instead, dates back nearly a century, but a new generation of winemakers has brought this historic area to the forefront.
Paternsoster winery is one of the oldest winery, an icon in Aglianico del Vulture production; Fabio Mecca Paternsoer, the oenologist, is part of the new generation that are working for the future of this promising wine region.

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“I remain rooted in Paternoster: it lies at the heart of my ambitions and mission. This is the place that runs through my veins for as long as I can remember. It gave me the chance to become who I am today. Since I was very young, I spent my free time in the vineyards and the winery. The old winery was below my grandparent’s home. Especially during the harvest, I’d run to their house for a quick lunch after school, and then I was off to help with the harvest and the winemaking. Today, I consult, but my mission is to continue the family project that began with my great-grandfather over a century ago.”
Fabio Mecca, Paternoster

Paternoster covers about 20 hectares with black soil of volcanic origin, with a modern cellar, located in the different wine-growing districts in the countryside of the small town Barile.
The vineyards are overlooking the Mount Vulture, an extinct volcano that marks the borders of a generous yet misterious land.We like to think that the success of the Vulture wines depends largely on the tenacity and talent of the Paternoster family, which for over a century, believed and invested in the Aglianico variety.
Anselmo, the founder, sold the family’s first bottle of Aglianico in 1925, marking the beginning of a critically-acclaimed production, now in its third generation.