What does it mean to make wine in 6 Regions of Italy?

#MadebyArtisans is the new project from Tommasi Family Estates – introduced by the video “Heritage always leaves a trace – L’eredità lascia sempre un segno” – in which the identities of the six wine estates owned by the family find expression in the activities of 12 Italian craftsmen and women: savoir faire raised to the highest level of culture.
By means of the words and images contained in each of the Instagram accounts of the 6 estates and in all of the Tommasiwine social media, the public will be able to get to know each domaine and immerse themselves in a representation of the terroirs and actions in the vineyard and winery that often remain hidden from the public gaze, as well as witnessing a striking parallelism of images with the gestures of the outstanding featured artisans. Tuscan goldsmiths and perfume producers, creators of porcelain and light fittings from Puglia, tailors and violin makers from Lombardy, marble quarriers and glassmakers from the Veneto, copper workers and sculptors from the Maremma, and carpenters and bakers from Basilicata have been the protagonists of this project along with wine.

«We were very keen on having this kind of storytelling through craftsmanship in order to reveal the work in the vineyards and winery that lies behind the production of an Amarone della Valpolicella, a Brunello di Montalcino or an Aglianico del Vulture», explains Pierangelo Tommasi, DG of Tommasi Family Estates, «by creating a metaphorical connection with the gestures and symbols involved in the making of these men’s and women’s outstanding examples of Italian products. We found incredible similarities and affinities with their stories, which give added value to the production and creation of our wines and to these Italian craft products, and which help make us famous all over the world».

By means of the video one can, for example, realize how cloth being cut by a tailor can be compared with the cutting of a bunch of grapes during the harvest: two actions that are apparently very distant from one another, but in fact have in common dedication and attention to detail, in order to create the best possible product. In the same way, the mix of essences chosen by the “nose” of a well-known Florentine boutique that produces perfumes may, amazingly, remind us of how a wine is created in our cellars.
The challenge of #MadebyArtisans is to tell the story of the wine domaines of Tommasi Family Estates: a story that is not self-referential, but which reminds an international public – which is well aware of the quality of “Made in Italy” and our country’s outstanding products – about our expertise.
This year’s 53rd edition of Vinitaly will be the occasion for the launch of this project, which will continue through the eyes of 3 local Instagrammers selected in the Veneto, Tuscany and Basilicata who, in view of their knowledge of their areas, will take photos that capture – in a very personal way – the Tommasi estates, the attractions of their particular Region, and the craftsmen who, with great passion and know-how, carry on its traditions.
#MadebyArtisans will therefore become a central theme for concepts and inspiration in 2019, expressed in an understated manner through the poetic deeds of the artisans, by whom the Tommasi family has been inspired to recount its love for wine and its terroirs.


Tommasi Viticoltori | Valpolicella

Casisano | Montalcino Toscana

Paternoster | Basilicata

Tenuta Caseo | Oltrepo’ Pavese www.caseo.it

Poggio al Tufo | Maremma Toscana


Masseria Surani | Manduria Puglia