a partnership for Vinitaly in Verona and the Milan Design Week

There will be a special partnership between the Tommasi family and Seletti, the eclectic Italian design company, taking in Vinitaly & the City in Verona and then Milan, for that city’s Design Week.
It is a collaboration that unites two Italian brands, icons of the country’s excellence around the world, both of which have the common goal (even if in different sectors like wine and design) of enhancing the dining experience: two companies that are family-run, and that are both characterized by strategic planning and a dynamic verve in creating products that are expressions of their passion and dedication.
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The dates to remember will be from 6.00 p.m. onwards in Verona on Saturday 6th April at the Seletti Store at no. 4D in Via Rosa, during Vinitaly & the City, and in Milan on Tuesday 9th April for Design Week, in the store at Corso Garibaldi 117. On both occasions some of Tommasi’s most popular products will be available for tasting, like the Fornaci Lugana and the Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore, as well as the firm’s flagship wine: Amarone della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G..


Verona Sturday 6 April –  Seletti Store Via Rosa 4D  – Verona during Vinitaly & City from 6 pm


Milano Tuesday 9 April – Milan Design Week – Seletti Store – Corso Garibaldi 117.
This partnership with Seletti, a historic family company in Italian design, is one that the Veneto wine producers hold particularly dear to their hearts. The Seletti brand is today synonymous with value, vitality, provocation, innovation, original combinations, and art combined with icons of everyday life. Their designs represent a new, poetic slant on production and on household objects, as well as a continuous voyage within the concept of beauty. The counterpoint of the historical importance and tradition of the Tommasi brand creates a winning partnership.
The Seletti brand transports us into a fascinating universe that is non-conformist and fun, and in which the watchword is creativity. In tune with the age we live in, Seletti infuses its designs with exuberance and fosters a conception that lies at the frontier between contemporary art and industrial design. Seletti’s creations bring a bit of character and fantasy into our everyday lives.
Tommasi on the other hand, thanks to its role as a pioneer in the Valpolicella zone and its origins and values as a farming family, is committed – through the enhancement and promotion of its Estates – to giving pleasure to wine lovers all over the world, whilst becoming a point of reference for the sustainable growth of the wine economy and, as part of this, of authentic wine tourism in Italy.
Art, entertaining, sociability, innovation and originality are all synonymous with Seletti and Tommasi Family Estates: both companies share a path of constant progress; a common denominator of concepts and inspirations that help us live our everyday lives with creativity and taste.