New ideas and pleasures of the past: the Tommasi family’s magical wine destinations are ready for the upcoming tourist season

New ideas and pleasures of the past: the Tommasi family’s magical wine destinations are ready for the upcoming tourist season.

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Splendid scenery such as only Italy can offer, historic wine domaines, delightful establishments offering hospitality and accommodation: Italy is heading towards summer and is looking forward with renewed optimism to the restart of the wine tourist season.

The Tommasi family is ready to welcome tourists, wine lovers and visitors in general to their magnificent Estates, from Valpolicella Classica to Vulture, offering a full immersion in the countryside with exciting bicycle rides through the vineyards, or total relaxation at a luxurious wellness center.  There will also be opportunities to discover delicious regional dishes and outstanding wines, and for romantic escapes and cultural visits that wine enthusiasts and the simply curious will be able to enjoy thanks to our unique wine destinations: from Tommasi Viticoltori in Valpolicella to Casisano at Montalcino and Poggio al Tufo in the Maremma area of Tuscany – not forgetting Paternoster, an icon of winemaking excellence in Basilicata.

«We are finally ready to reopen the doors of our Estates to tourists and visitors, and we really couldn’t be happier» comments Pierangelo Tommasi, Executive Director of ‎Tommasi Family Estates. « The past months have been complicated, not only for people who work in the tourist or wine industries, but for all of the families in Italy who have had to stay at home because of the pandemic. Fortunately, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we can’t wait to make our wine tourism packages available to everyone who wants to discover the wonders of our countryside and our unique locations, from Valpolicella to Tuscany, and even Mount Vulture. Wine tourism is a precious resource for the whole country, and I am convinced that it will also represent the driving force for relaunching the whole sector. In the last few months, we have improved and upgraded what we have to offer from the hospitality point of view, and we are well aware that tourism has changed compared to the past: it will be closer to home, slower-paced and less seasonal; there will be greater respect for the environment and people will rediscover the countryside and its artistic, cultural, and gastronomic heritage. These aspects have given us the stimulus to offer wine lovers immersive experiences of even greater quality, in line with the spirit of hospitality that has always guided our family».

In Valpolicella, combining wellbeing with culture

That of Tommasi and Valpolicella Classica is the story of a relationship that has been indissoluble for four generations. The Tommasi family now offers new visits and tastings in the refurbished welcome area at Pedemonte, exploring the world of wine in Valpolicella Classica, one of our country’s outstanding production regions.

This is an experience that you can also enjoy on a bicycle, thanks to the e-bike rental that Tommasi now offers to involve wine lovers in tours through the vineyards of great emotional impact, admiring the grapes and the breathtaking views. Wine lovers can therefore enjoy the unspoiled countryside, before benefitting from a few hours’ well-deserved relaxation in the peace and quiet of the Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & Spa, our magnificent resort strategically positioned between Verona and Lake Garda.

Villa Quaranta offers top-quality wine and food experiences, as well as accommodation that is ideal for a romantic break and the delights of a thermal spa that is a panacea for the mind and body alike: the Terme della Valpolicella, one of the major attractions at Villa Quaranta, and a special place that provides leisure activities for all ages.

Lovers of art will enjoy the extraordinary cultural heritage of Verona, with the possibility of making their time in the city even more enjoyable with a stop at the Caffè Dante Bistrot, in Piazza dei Signori, where they can feast on gourmet dishes accompanied by the Tommasi family’s outstanding wines. In the heart of the historic city center, the Mazzanti Hotel offers its guests a tasting of the Tommasi wines before they retire to their rooms to rest before enjoying a new day in the unforgettable city of Verona.


Tommasi’s wine tour of Italy

Leaving the Valpolicella zone, the wine tour of the Tommasi Family Estates carries on amidst the breathtaking scenery of our nation. The first stop is at the magnificent Casisano property at Montalcino, for an experience that will gratify all your senses: from the vineyards to the aging cellar and then the tasting room, wine lovers become the protagonists of a little journey of vinous discovery that will deepen their knowledge of Montalcino and its wines. Our voyage then shifts from the heart of Tuscany to Poggio al Tufo, in the picturesque little town of Pitigliano in the Maremma, where you can stay in a delightful agriturismo in the midst of the vineyards.

From Tuscany to Basilicata: Tommasi then takes its visitors to another stunning wine destination, Paternoster, the flagship winery of Basilicata. On the volcanic soils of Monte Vulture, it grows Aglianico, one of the hardest varieties to cultivate, and in this unique area all you have to do is let yourself be guided by history, discovering the wines and their production methods in the historic cellar of Barone Paternoster.


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Volata in Valpolicella #4 tappa - Valle di Sant'Ambrogio

La quarta tappa di Volata in Valpolicella, ideata dal campione Damiano Cunego, ci porta alla scoperta delle colline della Valle di Sant’Ambrogio assieme all’enologo Giancarlo Tommasi per degustare i piatti della Trattoria dalla Rosa Alda  in abbinamento al nostro Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Docg.


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In questa quarta tappa proposta da Damiano Cunego, si parte verso Castelrotto per un veloce riscaldamento, prima di scendere a Sant’Ambrogio per imboccare la prima asperità di giornata: la salita di San Giorgio Ingannapoltron.
Dopo aver scollinato a Mazzurega, segue la discesa verso Fumane e in successione si affrontano la salita della Pendola e della Masua. Si rientra a Pedemonte passando dal centro abitato di Negrar.

Il percorso copre circa 50 km con un dislivello di 920 m. Vale sempre la regola di godersi il percorso ed i panorami che si aprono lungo la pedalata.

Nel cuore della zona classica dei grandi vini della Valpolicella, c’è un luogo di ristoro e riposo di grande tradizione, la Trattoria Dalla Rosa Alda. La famiglia Dalla Rosa si dedica al mestiere della ristorazione e mescita dal 1853. Da allora e sempre accolgo amanti della buona cucina e del buon vino nel villaggio di San Giorgio di Valpolicella, nel Comune di Sant’Ambrogio, ai piedi del Monte Solane, a mezza via tra la città di Verona e il Lago di Garda. San Giorgio fa parte del club dei Borghi più belli d’Italia.

Le Polpettine di carne ed erbe selvatiche cotte sul fogolar sono il piatto proposto in degustazione con il nostro Amarone della Valpoicella Classico docg. Potete ritrovare le Polpettine nel loro menù di primavera del ristorante e se volete testare la vostra abilità trovate a questo link la ricetta. Buon Appetito!

Volata in Valpolicella #3 tappa - Valle di Marano

La terza tappa di Volata in Valpolicella ideata dal campione Damiano Cunego ci porta alla scoperta delle colline della Valle di Marano e a degustare i piatti dell’Antica Osteria Paverno  in abbinamento al nostro Tommasi Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore Doc. 


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Questo terzo percorso proposto da Damiano Cunego

Antica Osteria Paverno è uno storico locale (“ostaria”) nel cuore della Valpolicella classica.  L’osteria, a conduzione familiare, si caratterizza per uno stile rustico e tradizionale. La cucina propone piatti tipici veronesi legati alla tradizione e al territorio realizzati con prodotti selezionati e di qualità che variano in base alle stagioni.

Uno tra tutti, scelto per questa tappa, sono i Tortelli al Monte Veronese di Malga, Pero Misso della Lessinia e ricotta affumicata. Per creare la ricetta comodamente a casa puoi scaricarla qui.