“Dear friends and partners,
as known, the Italian authorities have put in place several measures to contain the expansion of the Covid-19 virus within our country.
We want to share our thoughts and above all the operational decisions we are taking in order to keep a vital and proactive dialogue with all stake-holders.
We are sure you are aware of the difficult moment Italy is going through. At the same time, it is very important to know that Italy has not come to a halt! Every economic and social entity is doing its part to carry on. We will continue to work with the determination and dedication that has always been our style.
This spirit of entrepreneurial tenacity is strengthened by a tight-knit family. We have the ability, the agility and the unity of purpose to look forward together. With confidence and lucidity. With passion and with precise and shared strategies.
First of all, we are constantly monitoring the market, studying the data and trends with respect to the sales channels. We keep in constant contact with our network of agents, using all the existing technology and communication channels. You can always depend on our equally tenacious and determined team. You will have their maximum availability and attention. They will keep you updated with the latest commercial policies that we will adopt.
We want to support our business relationships to the fullest, thanks to our proprietary brands and our well pondered actions. With the facts, we will demonstrate our desire to be now more than ever among the “ambassadors of Made in Italy”. With our wine excellence, we are ready for a rapid revival of the image of Italy after this unprecedented emergency has passed.
On behalf of our family, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for the outpouring of affection and esteem. We are proud to work with you and it strengthens our will to push the limits of excellence.
The Tommasi family
#tommasiwine #bettertogether