A new 2008 Amarone Classico Riserva that underlines the value of time and experience, but also a great deal more: this is also an ambitious project involving hospitality and social responsibility. It is being launched in the Verona area at a unique event in the splendid setting of Villa De Buris, the oldest country residence in the Valpolicella zone.


Interpreting the essence of this new creation will be the magic touch of Michelin-starred chefs Moreno Cedroni, Pino Cuttaia and Giancarlo Perbellini, as well as chocolate designer Davide Comaschi.

De Buris is the luxury of time

De Buris represents a contemporary way of experiencing luxury, and the promise of an experience that gives added value to every moment. It is a wine that stems from authenticity; that is to say, from grapes that have been selected and processed with care, and which embody the experience and expertise of a long-practiced family tradition. It is a gift of the land and of time.

The Tommasi family is inaugurating a new era, with its launch of the De Buris brand. This is above all a great new Amarone Classico Riserva from the 2008 vintage, which aims to position itself in the luxury sector with the promise, among other things, of re ecting the Tommasis’ profound historical roots.

De Buris is also a project involving the reclamation and refurbishment of a property and represents the culmination of twenty years of constant growth by the family, which is part and parcel of the history of Amarone and of the Valpolicella area. Today, with the fourth generation, this project is nally coming to fruition.

This new venture will be presented on Friday 12th October at a unique event in the splendid setting of Villa De Buris, home of the new brand and the oldest villa in the Valpolicella zone, which enshrines two thousand years of the region’s history.

To interpret the essence of De Buris, the Tommasi family has chosen three illustrious, world- famous representatives of Italian haute cuisine, the Michelin-starred chefs Moreno Cedroni, Pino Cuttaia and Giancarlo Perbellini, joint authors – together with chocolate designer Davide Comaschi – of a menu created specially for more than 250 guests from around the world.


Amarone and De Buris

Skill, passion, foresight and the passage of time; ten years of patience and dedication. Produced in a limited number of bottles, the 2008 De Buris Amarone Riserva stems from the experience of a company with 116 years of history and from the technical expertise of enologist Giancarlo Tommasi, a contemporary craftsman in the art of winemaking.

It is a classic wine, because it has been made with the rigor that its historic process demands, but also a wine of the future, because of its simply timeless classicism. The result is a wine that is austere, powerful, re ned and seductive, an icon of style and elegance.

De Buris is a dream whose roots go back a long time, to when – twenty years ago – the Tommasi family purchased the vineyard of La Groletta, a site recognized as being ideal for the production of Amarone and one of the classic crus of the Valpolicella Classica zone.


Here there are ten hectares of vines, of which 1.9 are devoted exclusively to De Buris, in order to capture the essence of this distinctive terroir; these are situated in the highest part of the vineyard and are characterized by the particular clayey composition of the soil and south- westerly exposure, thus bene ting from the mild climate of Lake Garda.

The fruit is of extremely high quality and is further enhanced by the particular blend of indigenous grapes that distinguishes this vintage year, made up of 62% Corvina, 25% Corvinone, 5% Rondinella and 8% Oseleta. This is a wine created as a tribute to this zone and to its most prestigious and representative denomination: Amarone.

As proof of the exceptional quality of this great wine, a number of accolades have already been assigned – pre-release – to De Buris: Three Glasses from Gambero Rosso, Five Grape Clusters from the Bibenda Guide, Four Vines from AIS’ Vitae Guide, a Face in the Doctor Wine Guide and a Platinum Award from the Merano Wine Festival.

De Buris is sustainability

Precision winemaking, careful management of the natural factors, the application of low- impact technology throughout the production process, and attention to people: for the Tommasi family all of these aspects represent an approach – indeed, a philosophy – that they have embraced for years now, as a natural expression of the values that have guided four generations of vignerons.

De Buris is hospitality and Social Responsibility

Hospitality has always been a fundamental quality for the Tommasi family. This has given rise to their desire to restore Villa De Buris, the location of the winery, a historic and architectural site of extraordinary importance: its origins date back to Roman times, with subsequent additions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as precious frescoes inside. By the end of 2023, when it has been fully restored, it will be transformed into a luxury hospitality center. But there is an even more ambitious goal: to create, in 2019, a Foundation for safeguarding the treasures of the land and of art, through which to organize programs for promoting historical and cultural heritage and, at the same time, support research in the elds of viticulture and winemaking.



The present and tomorrow are there to share and give back to future generations.



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