An iconic wine that epitomize the encounter between the tradition of Valpolicella and the creativity of the oenologist Giancarlo Tommasi.
Crearo della Conca d’Oro combines in fact the indigenous Corvina and Oseleta grapes with Cabernet Franc, a completely new and unusual blend for Valpolicella Classica.
Crearo is a wine designed outside the box, to enhance our terroir; a wine that represents a transversal and modern style.

Crearo is a blend of Corvina, Oseleta and Cabernet Franc; the grapes are selected in the prestigious cru Conca d’Oro, in the Valpolicella Classica region, where the Tommasi family owns 9 hectares.
After a maceration for 15 days at a controlled temperature of 21-23 °C, the refinement continues for 6 months in a 500 liter French oak tonneau and a further 12 months in 65 hl Slavonian oak barrels; the wine then rests in the bottle for six months.
Brilliant, deep ruby red in color, it offers a rich bouquet of delicately herbaceous, fruity and spicy aromas, with notes of violets, ripe cherries, tobacco and vanilla. It is full-bodied on the palate, with evident but velvety tannins and a spicy tanginess which gives it excellent and attractive length.

«Crearo is a wine that Giancarlo, the family oenologist, and I thought to make together when we were taking a walk on the Conca d’Oro hill in the Valpolicella Classica way back in 1997. We decided to have Cabernet Franc grape planted in this cru vineyard. We thus created a completely new and unusual blend for Valpolicella, but which has proved to be a winning choice for the qualities of this international blend that goes well with the characteristics of native grapes. Crearo is a wine that was thought up “outside the box”, to exalt our terroir; a wine that represents a transversal and modern style. » Pierangelo Tommasi