#CasisanoTales a new way to tell a denomination and a wine

We arrived in Montalcino, amazed by both its history and its modernity.
Today we are committed to building our history in Casisano with an original interpretation that never loses sight of the region’s origins and the surprising journey of its modern-day rise, of which we want to give an original interpretation.

Our virtual journey winds through 36 stories to bring to life the unique and intriguing territory of Montalcino. We are awed to have crossed its path in 2015 when we took over Podere Casisano, our family’s farm, a home away from home.
We longed for this moment for decades, and today, the wines go hand in hand with our Amarone, appearing together in Italy and around the world.

Discover the 36 stories to understand and deepen your knowledge of Montalcino:  follow the pilgrimage to a “corner of France”, where the Brunello vineyards embrace the Abbey of Sant’Antimo; imagine the medieval city teeming with men-at-arms valiantly defending it from brutal sieges.

Sacred and profane are constantly at play and intertwined with vineyard life and the men who have paid homage to breathtaking views and a wine that has become an icon. It is an experience that remains etched in memory even today and that poets and writers from Carducci to Hemingway immortalized in their verses.
Cinema also left iconic images when the iconic directors Zeffirelli, Monicelli and Fellini were photographed in the square in the shadow of the town hall’s tower.
Montalcino is also sport and art, resistance and freedom: Montalcino, the crossroads of meetings, trade and tastings, where the wind feeds and generates strong, intense and unforgettable flavors; Montalcino, guardian of its biodiversity and dedicated to quality agriculture.

Montalcino of Brunello, Montalcino of Casisano.
A dream at the crossroad of reality is a phenomenal place to be.